We are ready for a new release on Trance Side Records.

Aggressive, angry, fast, hypnotic trance music in the style of the nineties.

3 tracks and a countinuos mix of pure electronic music.

  1. Epic Trance
  2. Underworld
  3. You Made a Picture
  4. Underworld (Continuos Mix)

℗ 2017 32 Recordings

"Hard G" You Are Mine

℗ 2014 32 Recordings

Trance Side Records is proud to release "You are mine", the first single by Hard G. His sound is a powerful mix of Edm and Trance. Sensual female vocals give to his music a delicious commercial taste.


"Steve Jag" 1907

His music is something beetween Trance, Italo Disco and Minimal Techno.


Enjoy "1907", his first single.

℗ 2013 32 Recordings

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℗ 2013 32 Recordings

Listen to Will Trance, he shows us how could be great to use sidechain compression.