Demo policy

1. Prepare


Listen closely to our releases before sending us a demo. If your music fits our style we are very happy to listen to it.


2. Bio


Include a biography or a press kit if you have one.


3. The Demo


Please send us at least 3 tracks in 320bit mp3 quality. Only final versions. Do not send the files directly to our e-mail address. Upload the files somewhere and forward us the links via the contact form below or use our soundcloud dropbox.


4. Be Patient


We get a lot of demo requests and we really try to listen closely to everything we get. We take the appropriate time to decide wether or not we would like to work with you.

Due to the amount of demo requests we receive, we can not guarantee to give feedback on every single submission. Please don’t be sorry if you don’t receive an answer.


5. Submission


Please use the following form to submit your demo:

Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti

Or use our dropbox: