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Enjoy "I Still Believe In Love". Discover the unique style of 32 Recordings in making Deep, Future, Electro House and Jazz.


  1. Deep House In C Minor
  2. Electro House
  3. Future House Lovers
  4. Aurora
  5. I Still Believe In Love (Continuos Mix)

Collection Pack 01

"32 Recordings" is growing fast. We have decided to celebrate the tenth release of the label with "Collection Pack 01", a compilation with 11 tracks and a continuos mix of them.



  1. Deep Side (feat. Stefano Pozzi) Guitar Remix
  2. Deep Guitar (feat. Stefano Pozzi)
  3. Keep Me On (feat. Stefano Pozzi)
  4. To Be Happy
  5. I Feel Happy (feat. Deep Ness) Extended Mix
  6. Deep Feeling Radio Edit
  7. Jazz Minimal
  8. Vivamus
  9. Easy&Sleazy (feat. Davide Miraglia) Remix
  10. Bollywood
  11. Radio Station Extended Mix
  12. Collection Pack 01 Continuos Mix



"Deep Ness"

Listen on iTunes
Listen on iTunes

In this work an original deep house/club sound is mixed with the warm melody of the acoustic guitar. The music is something between deep house, funk, blues, jazz and could be defined as fusion. it is perfect for dancing but also for listening and relaxing. Acoustic guitar is played and recorded by Stefano Pozzi.


The release is available in stores.

32 Recordings is proud to release "The House of Still Life"

Here's a preview:

A live performance by "Deep Ness".

"Deep Ness"

"Deep Ness"